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Re: old keyboard

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Hiisi wrote:

> If I'll solder a PS or PS/2 plug to it is it possible to run this old 
> beauty?

no. this keyboard is *not* compatible with anything of current type.

this type of connector, as well as i can tell from low res jpeg, is similar
to what was used on some ibm systems. i may still have an ibm keyboard with
a connector similar looking. will not know until i finish unpacking from a
recent move.

as mentioned by another poster, what you have may well be an m68k
*micro mini frame* that would serial connect to a keyboard and monitor to
comprise a terminal, or a keyboard and monitor in a single enclosure as
a terminal.

having grown up from mini's and s100 days, i still have a bunch of early
systems, cromemco, plexus, tandy model 2 and model 10, and a couple other
s100 systems.

except for tandy systems, these 'micro frames' were designed for multi user,
multi tasking operation with users connected via rs232 type serial ports.

in broad definition, 'intelligent terminals' can be defined as having no
floppy or hard drives. 'micro frames'  can be defined as having a floppy
and/or hard drives. if no floppy, there would usually be a tape drive for
program loading and archiving.

if you can take some 'high res' full frame shots of internals of box, it
may be possible to help you determine what you have.

> I vainly googled for the information about old keyboards.

as a possibly better place to search, and if box is an m68k system, you
may have better luck logging http://www.linux-m68k.org/ and join group.

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