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Re: open office 3.0

Ed Greshko <Ed.Greshko <at> greshko.com> writes:
> What leads you to make the claim about "less tested"?
> I use nothing but the official OpenOffice install on my RHEL, Fedora,
> and Suse systems and never had a problem.  I've also participated in the
> OpenOffice beta program and suspect a few others have done the same. 
> So, where did you come by the "less tested" info?

They're certainly less tested in the context of the current Fedora release, 
which is what is really relevant here. Upstream's testers are all over several 
distros, including but not limited to the ones you listed (RHEL, SUSE). The 
Fedora packages are built specifically for Fedora and tested and used by 
thousands of Fedora users.

> Or are you talking only about the install process?

I'm talking about testing together with the rest of the distribution.

        Kevin Kofler

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