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Re: quickest solution to a DVD player on f9 on a WUXGA laptop?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  on very short notice, i've been asked to put f9 on
my old dell inspiron WUXGA 9200, and install a DVD player
to drive a WUXGA projector just to test the video.  so,
what's the quickest/fastest solution, after i install
stock f9, to get a DVD player that will play in fullscreen
just to test the video quality?

  my first guess is VLC from livna, but i'm open to
anything that's even simpler.  i don't need fancy controls
or anything, i just need to be able to drive a full WUXGA
signal out to an external video sink to see the results.


As much as I like VLC, I love Goggles. It is simple and works great with DVDs.

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