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Re: Libraries disappearing from compat-libstdc++-296

On Thu, 23 Oct 2008 14:47:57 -0400
Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com> wrote:

> I agree that no one should be building with those libraries, but in fact people 
> do use binaries already using them.

Yea. For instance, I'm sticking with a very old version of nxclient/server
because it works flawlessly for what I want to do and I have no idea if
I'd run into problems with an upgrade. (Always a risk when you have clients
and servers on different machines with different update schedules and
administrators involved).

I've just started making my own "compat" rpm with libraries from older
fedora versions packaged up to be installed on the new fedora to allow
my older binaries to run. If it ever reaches the point where that isn't
good enough, I guess I'll have to investigate upgrading after all :-).

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