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Re: Lenovo ThinkPad T400: F9, F10b, or Wait for F10 final?

Dnia 2008-10-23, czw o godzinie 18:15 -0600, Christopher A. Williams
> I just got a shiny new (OK - since they're black finish, they're not
> actually shiny <smile>) Lenovo ThinkPad T400 model 2765-T6U. I'm trying
> to decide if I should:

  Yeah, I preferred titanium finish on my earlier z61t. Anyway, I have
T400 also.

> This new series ThinkPad has _both_ the notorious Intel e1000e Gig-e NIC
> (the hardware of which a certain recent kernel bug has taken a likening
> to eating) and the Intel IWL5001 series WiFi card. It also has ATI
> graphics.

  I  tried with rawhide first, but couldn't get graphical installation
to work; Native, intel driver (I don't have ATI) would halt the computer
on load, vesa driver showed only garbage on screen. Intel driver was
fixed last week and I have F10 installed now. 
  And suprisingly, almost everything seems to work. Even webcam, thanks
to it beeing UVC. I havent tried fingerprint yet, but AFAIK libfprint
doesn't have a driver yet -- this is new hardware, different from
earlier Thinkpads. Wifi (AGN5300) works even better than iwl3945 from
z61t -- it detects more networks and doesn't slowdown to 1MBps after few
hours of use.

  So go with latest rawhide, by installing from Snap2 or directly by
download boot.iso and installing from network.

  Oh, and for notorious e1000e bug - it was only lethal on i386, x86_64
kernels were safe.

Tomasz Torcz

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