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Re: vlc-playing DVD won't display on external monitor

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   then, connected an external (samsung WUXGA) flat-panel
> monitor via DVI, and the entire laptop display is reflected
> nicely on the monitor *except* for the actual DVD image in
> the VLC window -- that just shows up as blank, either in
> regular or fullscreen mode (in fullscreen mode, the entire
> external display is blank, even while the movie is playing
> on the laptop).

On an old HP/Compaq EVO 800c with radeon I need to do a:

yum install xvattr
xvattr -a XV_SWITCHCRT -v 1

to get video on an external monitor. Then the
video is not shown on the laptop. To get it back,
do a:

xvattr -a XV_SWITCHCRT -v 0


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