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Re: Fedora 9 Boot Problem

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Seann Clark wrote:
> I have to define, kt7-RAID, which I own a board with that on it, is 

i bow to your knowledge as an owner.

raid was not a feature that caused me to buy board, but did help. i need a
faster board and wanted amd. cpu and board were a 'put together' deal and
price was very good at time.

> software assisted RAID. It does handle RAID in hardware, yes, but the 
> RAID itself does not boot off BIOS, allowing hardware control that isn't 

if ide1,2 are non raid, can ide3,4 be used as true raid under linux after
linux install?

> Sorry about the sort of Rant but the board is designed for Windows with 
> linux as an afterthought.

no problem. some rants, as your, are beneficial to knowledge. for this
i thank you.

> Other than that it is a great board.

i was enjoying mine before it went down. when i have time, i will runs
some checks thru power reg section to see it that is where it died. if
other than that, maybe a new mainboard for chip.
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