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Re: Fedora 9 Boot Problem

g wrote:
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Seann Clark wrote:
I have to define, kt7-RAID, which I own a board with that on it, is

i bow to your knowledge as an owner.

raid was not a feature that caused me to buy board, but did help. i need a
faster board and wanted amd. cpu and board were a 'put together' deal and
price was very good at time.

software assisted RAID. It does handle RAID in hardware, yes, but the RAID itself does not boot off BIOS, allowing hardware control that isn't

if ide1,2 are non raid, can ide3,4 be used as true raid under linux after
linux install?
under linux, with the HP370 driver loaded into the kernel, it will work as a RAID that isn't managed or taxing the CPU. The HP controller will take care of all mirroring and striping aspects leaving the CPU free to do whatever else. So in a nutshell, yes it will look, for the most part like a real RAID. The differences are that you actually boot off one of the two-four disks off the HP370 controller and then loads linux and the driver then loads the RAID then boots normally. It is a lot like Linux's RAID, in that respects, save for the CPU saving ability.
Sorry about the sort of Rant but the board is designed for Windows with linux as an afterthought.

no problem. some rants, as your, are beneficial to knowledge. for this
i thank you.

Other than that it is a great board.

i was enjoying mine before it went down. when i have time, i will runs
some checks thru power reg section to see it that is where it died. if
other than that, maybe a new mainboard for chip.
It is a good board, but rather on the cheap side (I got mine for 50 bucks from what I remember in 2001) and I haven't seen any problems with it.


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