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Re: Fedora 10 Snapshot 3: iso-info run request

Jesse Keating wrote:
This is the final snapshot before our final devel freeze and subsequent
preview release.  On the torrent site you'll find install images and
live images for testing.  http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/

Anyone who can provide an isoinfo run of the completed download of the:
snap3 i686 dvd
snap3 x86_64 dvd
snap3 i686 cds
snap3 x86_64 cds

This information lets people build snap3 isos from earlier (eg snap2's that I just finished downloading) isos. {since I've been capped and it's only 3 days into my ISP month ;-( }.

How ?
if libcdio not already installed:
yum install libcdio

for any torrent iso you have completely received: {actually need first 1MB only ;) } egs:
iso-info -q -l -i /path/to/snap3.i686.dvd.iso | bzip2 -c >  \

Please email to myself directly {or post on some web space somewhere if you prefer}. I'll reply on list once I get each one.

Thanks for your help, DaveT.

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