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F9. Mouse over files fails to display file info with Konqueror

On previous Fedora versions, and on other distros using KDE3, and Konqueror, 
hovering the mouse over a file, or directory, would bring up a little popup, 
and at the same time, the same info as on the popup would be shown on the 
bottom bar of Konquerors window.

For example. At the moment I'm trying to resolve a Java problem, and there are 
many directories, and files which are symlinks. The only way I can see where 
the link is pointing to on F9, is to right click on the file/dir, and look in 
the properties. Obviously this involves a lot of clicking, when you just want 
to see where several directories symlinks are pointing to.

Is there anything I can configure on F9 to get the mouse over file/dir 
behaviour, as is on KDE3.5's Konqueror?

Thanks for any help with this annoying problem.


btw. What is the little green LED type thingy at the bottom of Konquerors 
window? It doesn't respond to the mouse.

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