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Re: How to reset graphics driver to nv?

>> I made a small system change, and now X-Windows doesn't start, and I only
>> get a command line login.
>> Any help that I can get with getting my system to graphical mode again would
>> help.
>> Description:
>> Sometimes my Fedora detects correct resolution at bootup. Other times it
>> doesn't, and forces me to 800X600. Well, I got tired of 800X600 resolution
>> so I went to menu System -> Administrator -> Display. One of the options
>> there had me running nv driver, so I selected "NVIDIA manufacturer" option
>> and pressed okay. Now Fedora always dumps me to command line.
>> Any advice?
>> Thanks
>> --
>start in text mode with a 3 at the end of boot line and then issue
>But if you can login you can issue same command just now

I didn't know about the system-config-display command. I'll try that next time.
What I did was modify my /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and changed the "NVIDIA" line to "nv". It works for now so yay.

So I booted, and this time Fedora 9 found my correct resolution.
But next time I boot, Fedora may decide to lock me into 800X600

Would system-config-display help with my random 800X600 resolution problem?

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