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Re: Konqueror does not show my homepage when started (F9, kdebase-4.1.2-5.fc9.i386)

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Joachim Backes wrote:
> g wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Joachim Backes wrote:
>>> I have configured konqueror so it should start with my homepage 
>>> (settings>Configure konqueror
>> still enjoying use of kde3. holding off kde4 until it has aged.
> Hi geleem,
> my F9 is a std upgrade of F8.
>> in kde3, after doing any changes to konqueror, i finish this off with,
>> 'settings > save view profile' then in 'profile management - konqueror',
>> i insure that both 'save urls in profile' and 'save windows size in profile'
>> are [x], then 'save'.
>> is this available under kde4?

> save urls in profile is set,

then every time you add or make changes and do 'save'. they should be saved.

> but I didn't find 'save windows size in 
> profile', but I think the latter is irrelevant for my problem.

true - not relevant, unless you change size of view and do not mind having
window come up different each time started. tho maybe not. kde has lost a
lot of features in kde3 to kde4.

> I could solve my problem by removing (res. moving) ~/.kde/. Then
> starting konqueror starts with a new clean ~/.kde/.

and you will have to go back and re config everything all over.

as long as you are using thunderbird for email, why do you not use firefox
for web browser?

konq is a great local file browser, but i have never seen it work as well
as firefox. plus, konq does not have wide selection of addon and plugin
features as does firefox does.

to me, konq doing web browsing is like msbsos explorer doing browsing and
one more of kde's trying to act like msbsos.

one last thought, unrelated to your post, do you really need to hang an
8,249 bytes base64 cryptographic signature to each of your emails?

to authenticate your email, you could sign your email with an 8 character
key to keep things down.
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