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Re: Replace F9 Network Manager with old network initializer

* Dave Feustel <dfeustel mindspring com> [20081026 07:04]:
> I just got the openSUSE 11 Bible and looked immediately for info on
> NetworkManager, which I found on page 440. There is stated that NM is
> primarily for wireless, while traditional network configuration should
> be used for wired networks. Since I have a wired system, NM is probably
> not right for me.  What do I need to do to replace network manager with
> the tradional method of configuring networks on F9?

I'd run system-config-network, ensure that eth0 (or what your
interface now is) have the check-box "Controlled by NotworkManager"
un-ticked. Then configure it to your hearts content and set it to
activate at boot.

If you are not using NetworkManager at all, chkconfig it to off.

All the ways to manage your network in the "old way" are still there,
you just need to move NetworkManager out of the way.



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