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Re: Data Recovery:

Here a are the steps I've taken and the results.

1)  Installed Fedora 9
     Found that Fedora 9 does not support Xen very well.  When loading, it would encounter a (XEN) Xen is relinquishing VGA console message then hang up.  When I would bypass XEN and attempt to use one of the listed Fedora versions, which I would have assumed would be Fedora 9, the list would be for versions of Fedora 8.  After they would load, the applications would not run.  I would click on an application, say Firefox, and it would not load.  Nothing would happen.  I would seem that Fedora was confused by having some parts perhaps Fedora 9 and others Fedora 8 and not being compatable.

2)  I tried the Rescue and was confused as to what/how it worked.
     if said that it put my system to /mnt/sysimage and that I could use the chroot /mnt/sysimage.  Well, I am a GUI kind-of-guy and I am clumbsy using anything in command mode.

3)  when I backed out of the RESCUE and rebooted into one of the Fedora versions (not XEN), it came up with the main screen but no applications, not icons and the title bar at the bootom and 2 items which siad (UNKNOWN).  Clicking on these resulted in nothing happening.

4)  I then attempted to do a reload of Fedora 9 (update an existing release).      This results in just the word GRUB appearing in the upper left of an otherwise blank screen.  Nothing happens after this.

 It this juncture, I am very concerned.  I have photos and scanned documents on the drive and want to pull them off before I screw things up more.


-------------- Original message from Craig White <craigwhite azapple com>: --------------

> On Sun, 2008-10-26 at 02:00 +0000, vohnmaxwell bellsouth net wrote:
> > I had a problem with the install of Fedora 9 (Up grade from Fedora 8).
> > I am attempting to use Fedora 9 Live to access my hard drive in order
> > to recover any data - pictures, documents, etc.
> >
> > It seems that Fedora 9 Live is unable to find my hard drive.
> >
> > How do I get access to this data?
> >
> > Or, if I simply attempt to install Fedora 9 (not upgrade from a prior
> > version) will my data be left behind?
> ----
> does the Fedora 9 Live CD support booting 'Linux rescue' mode? I ask
> because I am ignorant of this but if it does, that is what will answer
> the question best. Linux rescue mode will find the installation if it
> can be found.
> No, a new install would likely erase the whole hard drive.
> You might want to tell us what the steps you did to install Fedora 9
> upgrade from Fedora 8.
> Craig
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