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Re: same old keyboard

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Hiisi wrote:

> http://kampela.ru/kuvat/index.php?offset=1

100-0639.jpg - looks very much like connector on old ibm keyboard i mentioned
in previous post

> http://kampela.ru/kuvat/index.php?offset=2

100_0640.jpg - mouse?
100_0644.jpg - video is special, video + rgb + v & h sync
100_0646.jpg - in lower right, vlsi near video connector may be video
 controller, metal case to left - video clock, chip to right of vlsi may
 be buffer. vlsi above this would be rs232, 4 14 pin above it are buffer.
 [buffer chips may also invert signal]

> http://kampela.ru/kuvat/index.php?offset=3
100_0647.jpg -
 square vlsi chip in plug-in socket cpu? it is not motorola, may be 80186.
 number?  2 chips with white labels may be boot rom.

 2 48 pins gold vlsi chips on left - numbers? may be hdd controllers,
 mfm, scsi? unfilled connector pad to left where hdd could connect.

if you can supply numbers for vlsi chips, 24 pins and higher, i can supply
you with descriptions for most. should also be able to track them on inet.
what is number of vlsi chip under heat sink?

most chips along left side of board would be memory and support.

> They're not low resolution

much better for viewing. focus could be improved. :o)

> So, re-new my question: is there a way I can run it on my desktop/PC 

no. you can interface thru db25 rs232 connector. will be slow.

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