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Re: Newbie with Login Issues

Billy Gedney writes:

I'm a bit of a newb, so please forgive me in advance.   I'm running Fedora 8 on a home-brew P4 2.8 with 1 gig of ram.  I am trying to run Adobe's Flash Media Server, and I was in the middle of streaming, we get like 15 minutes in it the connection from the encoder goes dead.   The box it's self is alive and everything, I even have internet connectivity, but when I ping the box, it wont respond...  So I reset it.

That does not make sense. Are you implying that you cannot ping the box, yet if you run something on the machine's terminal, you can browse the web, etc?

I've never seen this before. My semi-educated guess would be that you're hitting some bizarre kernel bug. That would be the only thing that could cause something like this to happen.

I presume, of course, that you're not running something like portsentry, which can trip up and firewall an individual IP address, if it sneezes the wrong way. That would be one explanation for not being pingable from some another IP address, yet the machine being usable otherwise.

On the way back up, the Sendmail service decides it's gonna not start. So I interactive boot, I dont need it, when it fully booted, I stopped it and a few other services.  

Something like this could also indicate a corrupted install or a configuration file.

All is well now except that every like 10 minutes (we're normally streaming by this time) the box is unreachable and we restart and now login takes a serious 15 minutes...

Why does it take a "serious 15 minutes:?


Other things to check is your hardware components. Run memtest, to check for faulty RAM. Configure and install lm_sensors, and see if any motherboard sensors are reporting faults. Reseat all PCI cards on the motherboard. Check that all cables are properly seated. Run smartctl, and see if your hard drives are healthy. Check all the cables. Look for worn out IDE/SATA cables, replace as needed. Check wired ethernet cabling. Make sure that it's rated for your actual ethernet speed.

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