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Re: desktop cpuspeed

On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 00:58 +0300, Hiisi wrote:
> I would like to do it not so slow. Looking for a bit more RAM for it
> but useless yet - can't find DIM memory anywhere.

If you can't buy it, your next option is to remove it from another
junked PC.

> What is possible to do, I suppose, is to speed up its CPU frequency. I
> could not find this option in BIOS. There's some record about
> processor but I can't change there anything.

Generally, you can't make CPU go faster than it's supposed to without
some hackery involved.  Look into "overclocking".  But beware that
there's some risk involved (instability and wrecking it).  Plus, of
course, you must have a BIOS which will let you overclock.

> Then I was trying to speed it up using cpuspeed program.

The CPU speed utility can be used to slow down a CPU (if it supports
it), for things like power saving or noise abatement reasons (cooling
fan noise).  But, normally, it runs full speed.

By default, a CPU runs at its normal speed, and its normal speed is its
maximum.  When Intel sells you a 510 MHz CPU, they sell it as the speed
that they think it will run fastest at and stabily.  If they thought
it'd go faster, they'd have sold it as a faster MHz CPU and charged you
more money for it.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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