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Re: configure mount parameters in hotplug

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 9:20 AM, lux <yuanlux gmail com> wrote:

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 1:35 AM, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
lux wrote:
> Hi
> I often mount USB  mannually via line from /etc/fstab
> /dev/sdb1       /mnt/USBG       vfat    noauto,rw,users,shortname=mixed 0 0
> is there a  way to configure the parameters into hotplug?  and let
> hotplug handle usb mount. I mainly interesated in get "shortname=mixed"
> in place.
> thanks
> Y
You would be better off doing this in HAL. But if you do not want to
mess with HAL, it would not be hard to create a udev rule to mount
the drive using the fstab entry. Hotplug has been depreciated and I
am not sure it even works any more.Then


Could you highlight how to configure this in HAL or point me to some instructions?

Here is my fix, it may benefit others

I commented out the mount line in /etc/fstab and edit gnome-configure following these steps:

launch it from a terminal as a normal user

Right click on the mount_options and select Edit Key
and change



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