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Re: how do you get Spark IM to run on fc 9

have you tried pidgin ?


On 10/27/2008 10:21 AM, David Timms wrote:
Gregory Machin wrote:
I would like to run Spark IM on my fc 9 x86_64 box as everyone else is
using this IM in the office .
on f9 too ?

I down loaded spark_2_5_8.tar.gz and unzipd it to /opt/
when I run ./starter I get

[root gregory-workstation Spark]# ./starter
testing JVM in /opt/Spark/jre ...
Does the download include a JRE in it's download ?
Any different when started from normal user login (usually a good idea) ?
java -version
alternatives --display java

and nothing happens ..
Does the command prompt return ?
Does top show high CPU use ?

there are no java or spark processes running ..

What do I need to do to get it to work ?
I'm pretty sure I had a version running earlier this year, on Fedora 8. Haven't tried on F9 yet.

I did find both the windows and linux ones to be big memory hogs, so I went with pidgin which achieves many of the same capabilities.


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