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Re: 54 GB in /var/log!!

Beartooth wrote:
One of my F9 machines -- actually my #1 main machine -- started having display problems. I see this a lot, because my hardware isn't really up to date enough to handle my monitor optimally. So I tried a couple of tricks that usually help, and they didn't.

Then I thought to run baobab. Lo and behold, I was running out of space -- because /var/log shows up consuming 54 GB of space! Yes, fifty-
four gigs.

What could be causing this, and what do i do about it??

Um, just a shot in the dark, but it's probably spewing some message over and over. Maybe you should take a look at that.

At present, the machine offers only a CLI login; if I use is as root, startx still works; but if I log in as user, startx fails. So I can't run Pan, and can't c&p directly between anything in it (including this list!) and the CLI.

I can still do what I'm doing now: access the list via Pan on another machine, and go back & forth with my KVM switch; but it makes it hard, for instance, to post things like a list of contents for /var/log, or any whole file in it.

Obviously, I want to cut /var/log with electronic double-bitted axes in both hands, to get to my user's GUI again; and to find the source of the bloat and correct it.

	What should I do first??

Read the error message that's repeated millions of times, and investigate that.

-- Chris

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