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Re: Can't read/mount SD flash memory card in builtin reader.

lux wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 4:18 AM, Richard Shaw <hobbes1069 gmail com
> <mailto:hobbes1069 gmail com>> wrote:
>     I am having trouble getting Fedora 9 (x86_64 live cd) to read my SD
>     card using a built-in Ricoh MMC reader on an HP 8510 laptop (Core 2
>     Duo). I get mmcblk0 and mmcblk0p1 in /dev but any attempt to read the
>     card fails. I see an icon in Nautilus but after opening it and a brief
>     pause I get an error "Can't read superblock". Also, any attempt to
>     inspect the device in parted or fdisk also fail. They both complain
>     about lables but I'm not sure if they are talking about filesystem
>     labels or volume lables. I can't see why the latter would cause an
>     issue. I tried the mklabel command in parted setting it to msdos but
>     it couldn't complete... I'm in Windows XP right now and it's reading
>     it fine.
>     Along those lines, is it possible to get the UUID of a disk from
>     windows?
It sounds like it is trying to mount the card as a ext2 file system.
I am not sure why that is. As far as the labels, you need to copy
the exact message - I don't think it is talking about file system

Dumb question - when you are trying to use fdisk, are you using
mmcblk0 or mmcblk0p1? You should be using mmcblk0.
> I have similar problem on HPnx500 with a built-in sd card reader
> After insert sd card, dmesg only show
> tifm_core: MMC/SD card detected in socket 0:0
> nothing happening in /dev
> here is output of  lsmod|egrep 'sd|timf'
> sdhci                  17540  0
> tifm_sd                12552  0
> mmc_core               40604  2 sdhci,tifm_sd
> tifm_core              10268  3 tifm_ms,tifm_sd,tifm_7xx1
> sd_mod                 26008  5
> scsi_mod              122876  4 usb_storage,sg,libata,sd_mod
> how to get this fixed?
You have a different chip set from the OP - you have the TI chip
set, and he has the Ricoh chip set. They use different drivers. I am
not sure why you are having problems with the TI drivers - they have
been working correctly in my Toshiba laptop. I forget the first
kernel that they started working without tweaking the registers
before loading the modules, but I think it was in FC6. You should
file a bug report because it may be something to your specific setup
and it will probably not be fixed otherwise - the developers do not
know there is a problem if the people it is not working for do not
file a bug report.


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