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Re: Fedora 9/10 and NVIDIA ?

Quoting kevin kempter <kevin kevinkempterllc com>:

Hi All;

I'm considering the purchase of a Dell 64bit laptop with an NVIDIA
video card.

- Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Edition X9100 3.06GHz, 1067MHZ, 6M L2 Cache
Dual Core (224-3154)
- 1GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M Mobile Precision M6400 Covet (320-7518)

Anyone have any thoughts per Fedora 9/10 compatibility, potential
issues, gotcha's, etc ?

  regarding nvidia in general, there have supposedly been
horrendous problems with overheating and nvidia chips in laptops.
see, for example,


  i would *love* to get a new WUXGA display laptop, and i was
looking at a dell, but the nvidia stuff is scaring me off.  if
anyone can add to this or clarify the current situation, i'd
appreciate it.


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