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David Hláèik wrote:
Hello guys,

once again a question from me ...

How you are satisfied with current font look in Fedora ? It is a blocker for daily work for you?

Well for me ... yes, fonts are blurry and it makes my eyes hurt. So even if i love fedora, i can not use it for daily work ...



Many factors contribute to font rendering. Some of those can easily be tweaked from GNOME preferences.

For instance, many LCD panels have issues with the way some video cards render fonts, and or the way that font DPI is calculated. There are settings in the preferences specifically for these issues.

For instance, the correct DPI of my 1920x1200 17" laptop display is over 300 DPI. However, with that setting, I am very limited in screen real estate. Dropping DPI down to 96, which was the old standard for 21" analogue displays, gives me what I am used to.

Many older analogue/Tube based displays have issues based on resolution, refresh rates, RF interference, etc.

For instance, the Dell 19" multi-scan monitor that I use for some equipment testing, has a max resolution of 1600x1200 at 60HZ. At 60 HZ, the monitor will pick up the RF at 60 HZ from all the florescent lighting here at the office, and flicker at 30 HZ, which for me, is noticeable. However, at that resolution, fonts are fuzzy. At a more leisurely 1280x1024 at 85HZ, everything is crystal clear, and no flicker.

To be fair, you did not specify which of these types of issues might be in play.

But please look at: System/Preferences/Look and Feel/Appearance and select the Fonts tab there.

Good Luck!

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