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Re: 32 or 64-bit?

John Aldrich wrote:
I'm about to the point of having to wipe and reinstall (except for some data folders) my personal machine. I'm currently on FC6, but I'm looking at either installing F9 or F10.

I use it more as a desktop machine, but I access it from remote via SSH and VNC. I also use a DDNS name to access the machine.

My question is this: Is F9/F10 (Beta) ready for full 64-bit for a desktop machine? I've got an AMD64 CPU and I'd love to use it to the full potential, but only if it's ready for prime-time.

F9 is certainly ready for primetime now (in my opinion). I run it on a half dozen 64-bit opteron servers and it works fantastic. For my production systems I tend to wait at least a month before upgrading versions, just to let the kinks get worked out, but in the main, it's been a great OS for me.

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