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> But please look at: System/Preferences/Look and Feel/Appearance and select the Fonts tab there.
Well thanks for help, but i need to mention the following :

I have been studying a lot recently about font rendering under Linux,
alsou about patented subpixel smoothing in freetype,cairo implemented
in Ubuntu .

There is a post on Fedora Forum , where you can download patched RPMs
with ubuntu subpixel rendering. Those i am using, becouse with
standard libraries fonts looks to ugly for me (as i was using a
Windows Vista before which has the most excelent sub-pixel rendering

1) So I am using those patched RPMs
2) I have created my own .fonts.conf , where i am using rgb-subpixel
smoothing, antialising , and medium hinting for fonts <= then 8px ,
slight hinting for fonts > then 8px and also only medium hinting for
all bold fonts.

Using this I have achieved i believe pretty nice fonts - but - they
have something which makes my eyes hurt - probably sub-pixel smoothing
algorithm is wrong or somtehing. Simple i am not able to watch it .

What i need to mention also is :

1) That I am using 96 pixel DPI
2) I have ATI graphic (ATI HD 2400 mobile) , using xorg-ati driver
3) My notebook screen has 109DPI , 1400x900px , my second monitor (19"
neovo) has 1280x1024 px - so i am using dual head.

And as it is 100times better to see than write, here is actual
screenshot of my desktop : http://www.hlacik.eu/screen.png

Please take a look at it and tell me - why my eyes are hurting looking at that?

Thanks in advance!


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