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Re: File Manager super User gone???

Claude Jones wrote:
On Sun October 12 2008 9:06:13 pm Rene Cusson wrote:
Just installed Fedora 9 KDE desktop. Everything was fine
untill i updated all the packages. Now there is no access to
file manager super user in the menu area. Is it hiding
somewhere that i dont know about? How do you become the super
user when using dolphin? I googled this and others are having
the same problem, but can't seem to find the answer. Not looking for the su in the terminal. Want to be able to
create folders in root. The create menu is disabled because i
am not SU.

1) Open your menu and right-click on 'konqbrowser'
2) Select 'Add to desktop' or 'Add to panel'
3) Right-click on your new icon that appears on the desktop or panel
4) Select 'Icon settings'
5) Switch to the 'Application' tab
6) In the 'Command' field, change the word 'webbrowser' to 'filemanagement' 7) Click on the 'Advanced options' button (just above the 'Cancel' button at bottom right)
8) Tick the 'Run as different user' checkbox
9) Enter 'root' in the user field

You can use a similar technique to create an icon for in your menus by right-clicking on the menu button and selecting the menu-editor function

Warning - if you haven't fully updated your system, this icon would fail to intiate after a single use in any given session, I believe, because some lock file wasn't being deleted on shutdown. The cure is to make sure you're updated to the most current version of KDE that's in updates-testing or kde-redhat repositories.

I personally like Krusader much better for a file manager.

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