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Re: Fedora 9 Issues:

On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 21:44 +0000, vohnmaxwell bellsouth net wrote:
> Seeing that there seems to be a consensus building that I have an
> installation issue, the prudent course of action would be to back up
> my files - pictures, documents etc. and reload with a clean Fedora 9
> package.
> Would you concur?
I would concur with the caveat being that would the quickest, easiest
and most effective way to solve the problem.

It also would be the least instructive because upon doing so, you would
never know what it was that went wrong...i.e., was it something that you
did (probably), was it something wrong with the way you updated/upgraded
(possibly), was it something with an anaconda or 'preupgrade' or yum
type upgrade (maybe).

When I started using Red Hat Linux (like RHL 5.0), I had to break it a
number of times, reinstall and continually evaluate to push my knowledge
and I can appreciate that most people don't have that same level of
interest. You have to really want to understand it to figure out that it
all makes sense and it all is eminently fixable and a wipe/reinstall
shouldn't really be necessary (beyond just to save time).

Judging by your previous e-mails you seem to possess some computer
skills and some intellectual curiosity but you seemed to just gloss over
questions that I had asked which might have enabled me to help out at
which point, I sort of lost interest.

Something to consider...this list is all volunteer and people have
varying levels of skills and you may get requests for more info or
suggestions from varying individuals with varying amounts of usefulness
and eventually you either sort them out and plug into those who can help
out or you simply get buried in the high volume of traffic.


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