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Re: 54 GB in /var/log!! -- UPDATE

Björn Persson wrote:
> I'd imagine that the messages about the printer have stopped, and the ones 
> about the keyboard, the mouse and the hub continue. (There's a USB hub inside 
> the KVM switch.) Every time you switch to another machine to look for new 
> messages, you cause more messages.
> Those messages aren't errors and you don't need to worry about them as long as 
> the log doesn't grow out of control again. It's quite possible that most of 
> those 54 GB was something completely different that hasn't resurfaced yet. 
> I'd recommend doing "ls -l /var/log/messages*" now and then to keep an eye on 
> it, and investigate further if it grows to many megabytes.
> Björn Persson
I have not been really been following this thread, but I do remember
something about having to go and read root's messages. I got the
impression that root's mail never gets read. If all root's mail is
building up in his mail box, and it never gets cleaned out, it is
probably a significant cause of the problem as well. (I wounder how
many "running out of disk space" messages root has...) Part of the
fix should probably include setting up an alias so root's mail go to
a normal user. If it is not going to be read at all, then maybe
forward it to /dev/null. :)


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