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Re: password question.

Quoting Rick Stevens <ricks nerd com>:

Aldo Foot wrote:
On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 10:15 AM, Steven W. Orr <steveo syslang net> wrote:
Under F9, I want to create an account such that the user will be required to
change the password on login, but I don't have control over how soon (or
late) the user will get to that first login. Is there a way to do it? The
passwd command didn't look like it had anything useful.


as root at the CLI:
     # chage -d 01/01/1970 <someUser>
The user will be prompted to change his password next login.

Yeah, that works too.  Rats!  Why couldn't I remember that one!  Yet
another senior moment at work!

  hmmm ... i interpreted the OP's question as asking how to force a new
user to set a password on first login, but *also* to put a time limit
on how long that person had to log in before the account was locked.

  as in, if a new user is too lazy to log in to a new account, then
after a week of complete non-use, it locks automatically.  as long
as the user gets to it before then, they have to set a new password,
after which they're good to go.

  was this addressed?


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