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Re: Slow Second Access to Internet

Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
In my FC7, using Firefox, if for example, I access
www.google.com, I get an essentially instantaneous
response.  If I then close the browser, reopen it,
and again try to access google, there is a long
delay, perhaps a minute before I get the response.
(I note that my browser is set to delete all
private on closing.)  During this delay, the
browser reports that it is looking up the URL.
If I then wait a few minutes I can repeat the
whole scenario.

I suspect that something similar may be happening
with my Pan news reader.

Any suggestions?


Does this happen with any other browsers? I know Pan can be really sluggish at times, so I tend to discount that app as far as network reaction times go.

Does opera or Konqueror do that? I haven't seen this problem in FF on my Fedora boxes.

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