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Re: Change Font used by xterm in f9

Dave Feustel wrote:
> I would like to have xterm use a bold (and possibly slightly larger)
> font to make it easier for me to read.
> How do I change the default font used by xterm.
> Thanks.
Are you actually using xterm, or are you using something like
gnome-terminal or the KDE equivalent? The way you change it is
different depending on the program used.

If you are really trying to set xterm, you can use the "-fn font"
option to set the normal font. There are a lot more options that can
be set in the xterm resource file. It may be worth while learning
about resource files if you are not going to use a desktop manager,
or programs that are not desktop manager aware, and want to
customize the appearance. You can also change some of the settings
for the current secession using ctrl-<mouse button> to see how they
will look before making permanent changes.


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