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Re: 54 GB in /var/log!! -- UPDATE

Beartooth wrote:
> 	Well, for instance, consider "location." I pulled the USB cable 
> out of the KVM switch and stuck it into my #1 machine. So, if I'm reading 
> between the lines correctly, the same old printer is now "local" to #1, 
> and "remote" to #2 - 4. OK?
Yes, but if I remember correctly, the location is the "human" where
the printer is located, or anything else. For the location of one
printer, I have "Printer in Mike's workshop."

> 	Then I go to one of the machines other than #1, and either of 
> those apps (the system-config one OR the web interface) wants me to tell 
> it where the remote printer is, naturally enough. But it gives me no 
> hint, nor any example -- is its location the local IP number of machine 
> #1, or a URI (whatever that is), or what? 
You should not need this with either method - at lease when I go to
add a printer in system-config-printers, it first searches for new
printers, and should find the new network printer. (I prefer the WEB
interface, but both should be working.)

> 	So I stumble around a while, by trial and error. Here again, the 
> web interface, being more graphic, gains an advantage -- it's quicker, 
> easier, and surer for me to recognize "Yes, that's the display that 
> seemed to work on the last machine" than it is to do the same the other 
> way.
Another advantage, if you have CUPS set to allow administration from
a machine on the network, is to open a web browser from that
machine, and have CUPS on the other machines open - each in their
own tab. I also find the help in the web based version easier to
use. Then again, one thing about Linux is choice - you can chose the
 method that works best FOR YOU.


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