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Re: mount relatime option / Ext3-fs: Unrecognized mount option ...

Ryan Sawhill wrote:
This sounds like the same situation I ran into with Fedora 7.

Rebuilding the initrd for the new kernel fixed the problem.


Thanks for the thought Kenny! Hadn't even ocurred to me that might be
necessary. :) Well, and that's because it shouldn't be. Anyway, this
whole situation is odd to me. If you edit your fstab to remove
"relatime" and recompile your initial rd, then change your fstab back
to include relatime again... THEN you can get the new kernel to boot
properly. Just recompiling initrd without removing relatime from your
fstab isn't gonna make a difference.

To give more detail, it throws up an "Unrecognized mount option
'relatime' or missing value" error. Then of course everything else
fails (setting up dev, proc, sys, and passing ctl to init).

So the question is, why is this happening? Obviously, it shouldn't be happening.

Gary: I didn't look at the link Kenny gave, but fyi it's trivial to
rebuild an initrd img after you remove relatime from your fstab. In
your case I believe you'd just be running as root:
mkinitrd /path/to/initrd-to-create.img kernel-version
or, explicitly:
# mkinitrd -f /boot/initrd-
(which would replace your current /boot/initrd-$brokenkernel.img file
with a new one.)

Ryan, thanks for mentioning removing relatime flag before building
a new initrd. I forgot to mention that. See the bugzilla entry link I
posted before (comment #4) which explains what's going on.

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