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Trying to reconfigure F9 to new computer hardware... firstboot?

What happened was that I spent a lot of time configuring
computer "A", and rsync'd the root filesystem onto disk
at computer "B".  I then rsync'd from hard disk to computer
"C" and everything was fine except that the hardware is
clearly different.

My X came up fine (I manually ran Xorg -configure, but as
for the rest of the hardware such as sound and "other hardware"
was clearly not the same so I used firstboot.

The instructions were:

1) mv /etc/sysconfig/firstboot /etc/sysconfig/firstboot.bak
2) rm /etc/sysconfig/firstboot
3) chkconfig --level 34 firstboot on
4) reboot

On rebooting, the screen starts in text screen, then "flips" over
to gui screen, then back to text screen, repeatedly, "forever"

5) If 1-4 does not work, then: touch /etc/reconfigSys
6) reboot

Same thing.

I searched the websites and could not find a solution.

So how can I reconfigure computer "C" hardware and
general setup (keyboard, mouse, sound, ...)?


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