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Re: [ot] the kind of endorsement you can live without

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Antonio Olivares wrote:

>> I think it's the website where this was posted. Look at
>> the upper-left corner to see the site logo.

so what is wrong with logo?

this is America.
 freedom of speech.
  freedom of choice.
   baskin-robbins 31 ice cream.

> Very interesting indeed :)
> I read about the Fedora 10 working beautifully and also the page

at least some of them know a good os.

> They have many many interesting points!  I will leave it at that.

join their list. would be interesting to read your views. who knows,
you just might see some of mine. :o)

> also the page right on the top where it says:
> \begin{quote from http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=521647}
> Just a few short days after the political and media bosses install a new
> President of the United States; we will meet in Memphis, Tennessee to
> issue a clarion call

i guess they have forgotten about radicals coming to memphis.
it is a great place for them to get shot.
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