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Re: X over a reverse SSH tunnel

You have to set
GatewayPorts yes
in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and be sure port 5050 is permitted by your host firewall to allow this forwarding to work for other hosts on the home side. You might also have to specify the interface to bind to. Try connecting with putty from the windows box to test it.

thanks i will test this

You might find it easier to run an openvpn tunnel.

quite possibly yes - if i run the server at home can i connect back to the 'client' ie work ?

In the NX client on your windows box, set the host address and port to use the tunnel you have set up - and install the correct client key if you are using freenx and it should work. As long as you don't check the box under 'advanced' that says 'disable encryption of all traffic' everything should run through its internally set up ssh tunnel (which shouldn't care that it is running through your reverse tunnel_.

yes - thats what i was trying but i think i have been missing the GatewayPorts section

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