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Re: [ot] the kind of endorsement you can live without

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> Antonio Olivares wrote:

>> Yep!
>> Agree!  Thing is the point I tried to make was that their quote 
>> is right on target!

thank you. i just wanted to see a little clarification.


Michael C wrote:

> So you're endorsing White Power paranoid drivel then, Antonio? Thanks
> for the clarification.

just what is wrong with white power? if it is drivel, then so is black power.
or any other power by any race, creed or color.

and what is wrong with his opinion?

if he is an American, he has this right. if you suppress his right,
or degrade him, you are much less than a person.

you are now addressing an American of Orthodox belief. and i tell you, as
will many others, non American and non Orthodox, you are wrong.

if you were right, the United States of America would not be a multi race,
creed and color. nor would there be so many coming here from other countries.

later. i have a 'yard barn' to finish.

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