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Your evidence speaks to your point - I would be complaining as
well. I don't have an idea for you, though I would probably begin
by eliminating all customizations, getting rid of twin-view, and
just going back to basic-install mode. I've brought Fedora up on
better than 30 machines, and other Linux distros on many more,
and the only times I've seen what you show is when I had issues
that couldn't rightfully be blamed on the distro - mostly screen
resolution. Others are saying they too have had issues so, I
guess my own sample is not big enough. Good luck.

And what about Ubuntu's subpixel rendering patches to Fedora, i am using?
I have tried to set DPI to 109pix (which has my notebook's LCD display) , set to subpixel smoothing, installed freetype-freeworld, but fonts are still ugly. Is it that my notebook's LCD is not good?



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