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Re: Trying to reconfigure F9 to new computer hardware... firstboot?

Les Mikesell wrote:
> It would be _really_ nice if the installer could be re-run in this
> situation, offering to fix only the things that needed to be fixed
> (re-detect hardware, build a working initrd, install grub, fix your
> modprobe.conf and check your fstab and network setup).  You can do
> this gunk by hand, but it means you have to know as much as anaconda
> (which doesn't seem to be all that well documented...) about hardware
> and drivers.  You can sort-of get most of the effect by making /boot a
> separate partition, doing a basic install on the new hardware, then
> removing everything except /boot and copying in your old stuff, but
> that seems unnecessarily cumbersome.
I wounder what doing an upgrade instead of a new install would do.
Would it accept the current install's values hardware and such, or
would it do its own checking/setup?


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