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Bug ? "Save As" dialog box should not start with /tmp by default

Here's a scenario that just happened to my wife that should not. This is on 
Fedora 8.

1. Open a document from email attachment (with Kmail), that opens in 
2. "Save As" the document so that it can be edited.
3. Openoffice "Save As" dialog open with the default 
directory "/tmp/kde-username" because that's where Kmail put its attachment
4. In a hurry, just name the file something else
5. Edit the file, Save, shutdown the computer
6. Next time computer boot up, document gone

I know all the arguments blaming the user. As a technical person, regretably 
that was my first reaction also. On second thought, for regular user, who can 
tell what  /tmp is ? Regular user does not know that /tmp are cleaned every 
reboot. Furthermore, in a hurry, if one just want to save quickly so that it 
can be used the next time computer boots up, it's understandable that user 
makes the mistake to save the document to whatever default directory is 
presented by the dialog box (thinking one can always re-open it from "Recent 
Document" menu).

This is not limited to Kmail or Openoffice, I just tried and it's the same 
with KPDF, Kghostview, etc. Firefox opening files in application also has 
similar problem.

What should be the general solutions for this ? Should this be the 
responsibility of the desktop environment project (ie. KDE, GNOME) from 
their "Save As" dialog rather than each individual apps ? 
I'm thinking of filling a bug report but then I'm not sure whom I should file 
this with.

I can think of some hacky band-aid solution to prevent document loss next time 
like a rotating backup of /tmp for the next two reboot or edit the boot up 
script to not delete /tmp, etc, but none of those is a good enough general 

Maybe it should be sometime like:
1. Default to $HOME directory for saving if file is opened from /tmp
2. Have a shortcut in the dialog to go to the directory where the document is 
opened from (ie. "/tmp/kde-username") for the case where one would actually 
just want to save a temporary file there. Probably have a "warning" and 
a "don't warn me again" or "do this automatically next time" preference.

Thoughts ?

Thanks for any discussion.
Reuben D. Budiardja
Dept. Physics and Astronomy
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

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