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Re: What is filesystem panic?

Per Anton Rønning wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Double check that you are accessing the correct device. USB drives
>> do not always get "assigned" the same device. (It might get assigned
>> /dev/sdd instead of /dev/sdc for example.) If you are interested in
>> the reasons for this, it should probably be a separate thread...
>> Mikkel
> Oh yes, my processor is slow now. a df command shows this:
> [root localhost trade]# df
> Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
> /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00
>                     718841144   8123212 674202912   2% /
> /dev/sda1               194442     44177    140226  24% /boot
> tmpfs                  1943548        48   1943500   1% /dev/shm
> /dev/ram0                15863       728     15135   5% /mnt/rd
> /dev/sdf1              3985612     53992   3931620   2% /media/disk
> The JetFlash pen is assigned to sdf1. But do I have to assign it to sdc1
> for it to work??
> What consequences does this have?
> Brgds PAR
Nope - but you have to use /dev/sdf instead of /dev/sdc if you want
fdisk to tell you anything about the drive. This is why you were
getting the unable to open /dev/sdc error message from fdisk.


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