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Re: Which one is better Ubuntu Or Fedora 9

On Wed, 29 Oct 2008 17:24:16 -0600
Petrus de Calguarium <kwhiskerz gmail com> wrote:

> Alex Makhlin wrote:
> > Which one do you think is better and for what reasons. Ubuntu or
> > Fedora 9. Personally I like Fedora 9.
> > 
> In my personal experience, the 'buntus are not as mature as Fedora
> (don't have the professional backing of Red Hat); servers are
> painfully slow, so net installation and updating are gruellingly
> lengthy and tedious; and they lack the sophistication of rpm and yum,
> having to make due with the deficient and awkward apt system (on two
> attempts at installing a 'buntu, the initial update right after the
> CD install failed).

Your mileage WILL vary with experience. I run both and find non of what
the OP mentions above to be true (pertaining to the negative notation
of 'buntu - of course, "'buntu" is generic - the Op is not specifying
what distro in particular - thus I default to the original question
of Ubuntu. However, I will lend some credence to the reference of
the other variants, they certainly are not as far along as the parent
OS, meaning Ubuntu).

> Aside from that, in my estimation, once you have a distro configured
> and installed to your preferences, it's really all just Linux (nearly
> all distros offer the same packages we already know and use from
> Fedora). Fedora is said to be more cutting edge, meaning that some
> pre-release packages and early versions of programs might make it
> into Fedora before another distro picks it up, but this varies from
> one distro to another.

Not entirely true - Fedora is the Beta-Ground for RedHat. If it flies
and works with the Fedorans, then it most likely will make it into

That being said, if you don't mind the occasional breakage that comes
with running Fedora (let me specify - the latest, greatest version of
Fedora. I'm not talking about the older versions).

> Personally, I am used to where Fedora keeps the configuration files
> and any non-Fedora/RedHat-based distro is difficult for me, when it
> comes to trying to solve configuration problems. I have spent years
> learning this way of doing things and don't see the point of
> reinvesting all those years in another system, in order to ultimately
> get essentially what I've already got.

Here again, your mileage WILL vary. By staying with one OS (IE:
Microsoft), or one Linux distro, you limit your marketability (that of
course only applies if you work in an industry where you are either an
admin or provide support). The above comment however, works well if your
a home user.

Best regards,


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