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Re: Slow Second Access to Internet

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On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 04:00:15PM +0000, Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
> In my FC7, using Firefox, if for example, I access
> www.google.com, I get an essentially instantaneous
> response.  If I then close the browser, reopen it,
> and again try to access google, there is a long
> delay, perhaps a minute before I get the response.
> (I note that my browser is set to delete all
> private on closing.)  During this delay, the
> browser reports that it is looking up the URL.
> If I then wait a few minutes I can repeat the
> whole scenario.
> I suspect that something similar may be happening
> with my Pan news reader.
> Any suggestions?
In FC7 if I recall there is caching for host names.
You may wish to toggle it.   

Most internet servers are load balanced one way or another
so one lookup goes to one machine and another to another.

When you are 'done' the load balancing changes changes the responsible
hardware on their end and may in fact cause your network connections
to be ill directed as a result of your local cache.  Try toggling nscd
on/off to see if that is involved.   Internet timeouts are much longer
than we commonly expect.   Also double check your name server list,
if one name server in the list is down the timeout will be a min or so.

It can take a bit of work but, you can use wireshark and or strace to watch your network traffic 
and program to see what is taking so long (what is different).

	T o m  M i t c h e l l 
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