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Re: Dropping Mac for Linux

kevin kempter wrote:
Hi All;

I ran Linux as my main laptop OS for several years, then I got into a mac shop and bought a macbook. The macbook is ok but it just doesn't cut it per productivity so I've ordered another laptop (a 64bit laptop with 8G of memory expandable to 16G and 2 internal 320G 7200rpm drives)

I'll be loading Linux as soon as the machine arrives from Dell.

Here's my questions:

I'll answer what I know (or at least think I know)

1) Is KDE4 stable enough for day2ay use ?

I believe it is. I've used it since 4.0.0 was released and it's grown by leaps and bounds in stability and usability. I've not switched back to KDE3 since about 4.0.4.

2) Does anyone know if Kpilot is working with Palm Centro phones ? Is there a better solution besides Kpilot ?

I've heard it does, with some tweaking, but I've not seen it work, since I don't own that type of phone.

3) Does Kmail support Exchange yet ?

Not as a full Exchange client, but then, Outlook barely works as a full Exchange client. It works great with Exchange via IMAP and there are tutorials on how to configure Address lookups via LDAP.

4) Is there a way to migrate apple mail messages to Kmail ?

I do not know. Even a quick Google didn't really show anything that struck me as a way to do so, but YMMV.

5) Is there a way to migrate apple address book and calendar events to the KDE address book and calendar ?

See above.

Thanks in advance...


Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt -- Caius Julius Caesar

Mark Haney
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