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Re: Which one is better Ubuntu Or Fedora 9

vince wrote:

I agree with you, however, would also like to point out that personally
I think Ubuntu is a compromise between RHE and Fedora. For a stable and
safe business environment I would rather use Debian instead of Ubuntu.


I have to completely disagree with that. (At least the last part) I have a fairly large network (20+ systems, some SGI clusters) and I must say I have more trouble out of my Debian systems (put in before my time) than any other system I run. And we run everything from RHEL, SLES, Gentoo, Fedora and FreeBSD.

I wouldn't give a plug nickel to run another Debian system, ever. Using apt is fine, I can handle that. Dselect is crap, and personally I really hate how Debian handles upgrading packages (specifically config files).

I've had my 2 Debian boxes b0rk so often after installing patches because of that, that I rarely update them any longer. Fortunately, they are no longer production boxes, but I've yet to have time to blow them away and throw something useful on them.

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