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F10 on eeepc 901

Hi all!

I've been playing with the latest F10 beta (live CD) on my eeepc 901.

Most things seem to be working well: it finds the correct screen resolution
(which is 1024x600, definitely not one of the common settings before the
mini laptop craze began, and many live CDs don't set it right); it finds
the wired network without trouble and automatically starts it once the
cable is plugged in (I assume Network Manger is doing that for me).

Wireless isn't working because, I assume, it doesn't have a ralink
rt2860sta driver. I know I could compile my own, and there have been
reports of people using ndiswrapper. But it'd be nice if the Fedora gang
could squeeze it into an upcoming release.

Haven't yet played with audio, webcam, microphone, so don't know their

But overall it seems to run pretty well! My thanks for the entire Fedora
team for this release,... it looks like it's gonna be good!

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