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Re: Which one is better Ubuntu Or Fedora 9

Mark Haney ha scritto:
I have to completely disagree with that. (At least the last part) I have a fairly large network (20+ systems, some SGI clusters) and I must say I have more trouble out of my Debian systems (put in before my time) than any other system I run. And we run everything from RHEL, SLES, Gentoo, Fedora and FreeBSD.

I wouldn't give a plug nickel to run another Debian system, ever. Using apt is fine, I can handle that. Dselect is crap, and personally I really hate how Debian handles upgrading packages (specifically config files).

I've had my 2 Debian boxes b0rk so often after installing patches because of that, that I rarely update them any longer. Fortunately, they are no longer production boxes, but I've yet to have time to blow them away and throw something useful on them.

I do not think it is the case to be so drastic; there is no Linux distro without lacks (I tried and still I am trying a lot of them), and Debian is not perfect the same way as any other Linux distro, but it has a lot of values, too.

I believe that the simple facts that Debian is still one of the most popular distros and that there are many people happy with it (I am one of them) should mean something. On the other hand, I do not think that the simple fact that one had trouble with it (what kind of problems, then? Upgrading and configuring is one of the simpliest things to to in Debian, IMHO -- are you using Testing or Unstable?) can be a good reason to discredit the (free) job made by a lot of people (and here again I am one of them).

Just my 2 cents,

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