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Re: Which one is better Ubuntu Or Fedora 9

Mark Haney wrote:
vince wrote:

I agree with you, however, would also like to point out that personally
I think Ubuntu is a compromise between RHE and Fedora. For a stable and
safe business environment I would rather use Debian instead of Ubuntu.


I have to completely disagree with that. (At least the last part) I have a fairly large network (20+ systems, some SGI clusters) and I must say I have more trouble out of my Debian systems (put in before my time) than any other system I run. And we run everything from RHEL, SLES, Gentoo, Fedora and FreeBSD.

I wouldn't give a plug nickel to run another Debian system, ever. Using apt is fine, I can handle that. Dselect is crap, and personally I really hate how Debian handles upgrading packages (specifically config files).

I've had my 2 Debian boxes b0rk so often after installing patches because of that, that I rarely update them any longer. Fortunately, they are no longer production boxes, but I've yet to have time to blow them away and throw something useful on them.

I wouldn't make any judgments about ubuntu based on experience with debian. There are good reasons that ubunutu is more popular - and I don't imagine many people use dselect on it. The LTS versions are a nice compromise between fedora's fast pace and RHEL staleness (which may not be as bad these days since they are doing some major revision updates of some things).

However, there are conceptual differences in system administration so it is somewhat painful to jump back and forth between ubuntu and an RPM based system with redhat-style configuration frequently.

Overall the big win with ubuntu is that they've managed to get most of the packages you are likely to ever want into a set of pre-configured repositories that are generally consistent with each other. With RPM based systems you'll end up having to track down an assortment of 3rd party repositories that are not consistent so you'll end up with install conflicts or having to maintain different applications on different machines to isolate them.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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