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Re: fedora installation


> * last, i tried running the Live CD for x86_64 of fedora 9. i had a
> weird experience - fedora loaded, but no text appeared. instead it was
> all black empty spots ("null" font). should i be worried about that
> when coming to install fedora in fully?

Maybe a problem with your video chipset, but you don't identify the
laptop so it's hard to say. It's probably fixable though.

My laptop is a Thinkpad x61 tablet from Lenovo... Maybe I should find a way to configure the video card from the live cd, the thing is - I cannot do that because I have no idea what's going on the screen as far as text goes.
By-the-way, I ran Fedora 9 live cd on a thinkpad t42 (same cd), and everything went well as far as video goes.

> * i read somewhere that someone installed fedora 64bit on a laptop
> x61t like mine, and complained that everything was incredibly slow.
> once he re-installed the 32bit version, it became much better. i would
> like to use a 64bit version still... should i be worried about having
> the same behavior?

Same Fedora version? Same amount of RAM? I'm surprised but go with
32-bit if you're nervous about it.

No, I think I will try the 64bit version... and if it has the same behavior, I will just change it to 32bit.

Thanks for your quick response.


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