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Re: Ubuntu Ibex offers choice of KDE4.1.2 or KDE3.5.10...

Linuxguy123 wrote:

> Subject says it all.   Fedora developers tell us that they can't give us
> a choice of KDE version 

To be clear: 

Early F-9 development time-frame, based primarily on what upstream supports,
available man-power, and experience, the Fedora-KDE SIG reached a unanimous
conclusion that it was simply not realistically feasible to implement and
support 2 kde desktops. 

(hmm... nice little sound-bite, I should add that to the aforemenioned FAQ) 

> and yet Ubuntu is doing it.

and good for Ubuntu! They also have my pity for trying to support the mess
it creates.

I've repeatedly advocated if there were any enterprising folks willing to
put in the time and hard work to make KDE3 work alongside KDE4, by all
means, go for it.  I'd even be willing to offer advice and a little help. 
But, knowing how hard it would be, I (and most of the existing Fedora-KDE
SIG) choose not to go there ourselves.

-- Rex

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